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New website now online

I've read a many times about the benefits of having your own web page or at least an online resume (for example, here or here). The reason is that when potential employers start looking up your name at Google (or Altavista) they are likely to find something about you. But why not helping your future-to-be employer and providing all essential information about you on your own web page? There, you can show how credible you are, what you like to do and which skills you have, and projects you are working on. For this reason (to be honest, I always wanted to have my own server with my own domain), I obtained the domain last week.

After setting up an SSL certificate for encryption—"Do you copy, NSA?"—using StartSSL™ Free, I had to rework the main web page first. By default, it was index.lighttpd.html, provided by LIGHTTPD, the light-weight web server that is running on my RaspberryPi.

I wanted to keep the web page as simple as possible to get a nice overview of the content. Being a fan of simplicity I also liked the simple designs of the social media buttons that I use (also for the blog engine). Thanks, Dan Leech! For the web page navigation buttons I chose to stick to CSS.

By now, only Blog has some real content, namely this blog. I will update the About and CV sections soon but I'm still looking for a simple way to show off the one-page content of each of these two.

BTW, as of this week you can also follow me on Twitter!

Tags: html, css, ssl 2014/12/01
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