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Impressions with cookiecutter for reproducible science

I managed to be strict about reproducible science. And the paper (SEMIC: an efficient surface energy and mass balance model applied to the Greenland ice sheet) I was working on with my co-authors is the first example that reproducible science is fun and I will definitevly keep going in that direction. The paper did take much longer than I previously anticipated (at home it was colloquially dubbed Rohrkrepierer) but our Open-Science approach is not to blame.

So we can check one item of the previously mentioned bullet points: cookiecutter for reproducible science serves a good purpose. Since then, literally all of my projects have started with this cookiecutter, even the smallest one. My project folder is now fully organized, each project has its and I know where to look up for file. Some of my projects "in production" are easily converted into version-controlled projects by simply typing

git init .

I very much recommend it. Happy cookie cutting!

Tags: reproducibility, github 2017/05/16
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